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Companions is a dog training company based out of Edmonds, WA. At Companions we believe that the clearest possible way to show your dog you love her is to train her! Training stimulates her brain to keep her from becoming bored, helps her learn self-control, helps her live longer by teaching her body awareness, and teaches her fun games she can play with her favorite partner–you!

At Companions we use positive training techniques to help you and your dog learn to effectively communicate with each other. When you give your dog the tools he needs to live in your home, both you and he will be happier and find it easier to relax and enjoy your life together. In addition, the process of training creates a bond between you and your dog which simply cannot be replicated in any other way!

We strive to meet every family’s dog training needs by offering a variety of services. Training is offered one-on-one and in a group, in your home and at our facility, with you present or while you’re out, for learning obedience cues and for solving problem behaviors.

And now, in addition to pet dog training, Companions also offers training programs for service dogs.

No matter what service you choose, at Companions training will be positive and encourage your dog to love learning.

For more information on Companions, visit our website at http://CompanionsWA.com


Posted May 9, 2010 by Eileen

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